Health Assessment Services for Palm Beach Residents

Harmony Health Medical is a leading medical centre committed to the health and well-being of our patients in Palm Beach. With a strong focus on preventative health, our family friendly GPs deliver comprehensive health assessment services for the whole family.  If you have any medical concerns, we’ll help identify any existing or potential issues that may be affecting your current quality of life.

Some of the benefits of performing a regular health assessment include:

  • Keeping your medical histories up to date
  • Making well informed decisions about your health
  • Building a better relationship with our doctor’s & medical team
  • Providing a greater understanding of your present & future health


Keeping up to date with the latest medical developments to enhance patient care

Are you looking for a doctor serving the residents of Palm Beach who understands your medical concerns from a holistic perspective?

At Harmony Health Medical, we don’t just treat you like a number. One of our biggest priorities is to ensure your overall well-being is at maximum capacity, with a complete focus on preventative health. Our team is dedicated to keeping on top of medical updates and innovative medical developments to ensure you get access to the best health care available.

Whether you need an examination, comprehensive health assessment, prescription renewal or standard medical advice, our medical centre serving the residents and visitors of Palm Beach will keep you on track to good health. Feel free to contact our friendly team today to arrange an appointment.

Medical Practice – Health Emergencies

Unexpected medical emergencies can happen at any time. Our general practitioners serving Palm Beach will always ensure health emergencies are prioritised ahead of less serious conditions.

We try to fit in urgent appointments on the day of request. We will do our best to find a spot with your preferred doctor, however this may be subject to availability at the time.

To book an appointment with our doctor serving Palm Beach, give our friendly reception team a call on 07 5598 5288 to arrange a suitable time.