Try not to change your GP too often

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Regardless of how healthy one is, no one can avoid visiting a GP at least a couple of times during their lifetime. Some people are extremely lucky as they have managed to establish lifetime relationships with their doctors. In fact, they have managed to build a friendship with them, forming a relationship built on trust and respect.


Of course, not everyone is as lucky. Sometimes, the need to change your GP can be strong. You may feel like you haven’t found a doctor who completely understands your nature and illness. Moreover, sometimes changing your GP has more to do with outside influence instead of personal reasoning.


Acceptable Reasons for Changing Your GP

Sometimes, switching your GP is a necessity. You may have to change your practitioner if you are moving to another geographical location that is further away from your current practitioner or because you simply do not feel uncomfortable around your present doctor. Here are some valid reasons to change your doctor:


  • Your insurance company does not support your current GP anymore. While this may require you to switch doctors, you can also change your insurance company. If you really do not want to lose your doctor’s guidance, you can also review your insurance.
  • You are getting married and need to choose your significant other’s health insurance while letting go of your own. In fact, getting a divorce may also require you to look for another GP.
  • Your doctor is moving away or shutting down his practice. Keep in mind that sometimes, doctors may lose their licenses, choose to retire, switch careers, get sued for malpractice, or even pass away. This means that patients will have to look for another GP.
  • You simply do not get along with your doctor. There is nothing to be embarrassed about if this happens. Sometimes, you may feel a personality clash as you feel that your doctor is not listening to you or your doctor feels like you are telling them how to do their job. Whatever the reason, you may have to switch up.
  • You are faced with a medical situation that calls for a second opinion.
  • You realise that just because your doctor is sweet and accommodating does not mean that they are competent. Even though you may feel guilty about switching, you will feel comfortable elsewhere.


Why You Shouldn’t Change Your GP Too Often

However, there is no excuse to change your GP too often. Switching doctors is a big decision. Moreover, you will have to familiarise your new doctor with your entire medical history, most of which you may not even be aware of. This increases the chances of malpractice, especially if you forget to mention important details to your new doctor.

There is also a lot of paperwork involved with changing doctors. You will have to sign a document that allows the release of information at your old doctor’s office. You can also sign the release of information form at your new doctors, who will then send it to your old doctor and get the required medical records. When doing this, you will have to pay a photocopying cost.

Hence, you should try to find a GP you trust without being too picky. Stick to one doctor who can provide you with medical advice, along with establishing a firm, professional relationship with you.