How Often Should I Visit My Doctor for a General Check-up?

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Several people go for a general check-up multiple times a year, regardless of their overall health. According to statistics, 82.8% of people who visit the hospital schedule a general check-up with their general practitioners (GP).

Yet, some people don't go to the hospital until they get really sick. And this inconsistency in general check-ups is one of the leading causes of delayed diagnosis of several illnesses. So how often should you visit your healthcare provider for a general check-up?

While the frequency depends on individual circumstances and a person’s overall health condition, here are fourconsiderations that will help you figure out how often you should see your doctor for a general check-up


When Was Your Last Hospital Visit?

If it has been so long that you don’t remember, it’s time to go for a general check-up without any further delay.

If you go for an annual check-up, make sure you don’t delay it unnecessarily and schedule an appointment with your doctor. It is always a good idea to discuss your dietary habits, your sleeping patterns, exercise routine, and stress levels with your doctor at a specific interval. Moreover, with a routine check-up, you can rule out the risk of several diseases that can develop without showing any symptoms. 


What Has Changed Since Your Last Visit?

So on your last visit to the doctor, you were perfectly healthy, but it is that one mole on your arm that has grown in size and is itchy now. Watch for symptoms that you have developed since your last hospital visit, and if your new symptoms are bothersome and persistent, why delay a general check-up?


Has Something in Medical History Changed?

Was your mother diagnosed with breast cancer this year? Or your brother died due to a heart attack? Family's medical history is essential, and it plays a vital role in your overall health and well-being. When you find out something unusual and new about your family's medical history, make sure you schedule an appointment for a general check-up and discuss your family's latest medical conditions with your doctor.


Chronic Health Conditions

Followed by infants, people with chronic health conditions have the greatest need to see a doctor. Are you asthmatic, or do you have high blood pressure? Then you would probably need to see a doctor more than four times a year. People with chronic illnesses have a higher need to see the doctor than people who do not have any chronic illnesses.

Moreover, if you have an exceptional medical condition such as a pregnancy or a bone fracture, your doctor will determine your hospital visits frequency.


Final Verdict

How often you need to see your doctor does not have a simple one-for-all answer. While it is best to see a doctor to discuss your overall health atleast once a year, you can determine the frequency that best suits your needs by considering the factors above. To schedule an appointment or know more about preventive healthcare services, call now or visit our website.